Moving the Industry Forward for 50+ Years

We’re known for supporting customers with award-winning products—here’s why.

At Vivolac Cultures Corporation, we’re proud to support our customers with award-winning products. We’re committed to working with every customer to craft exceptional products tailored to the highest standards and most exacting needs. For more than half a century, our innovative approach to culture systems has allowed us to achieve ambitious goals supported by refined production processes and an eye for possibility.

As the industry progresses and evolves, we’re honored to have emerged as a leader, attested to by the awards our customers’ products have received. Our most recent competitions have offered an opportunity to showcase these high-quality products, where our customers won fourteen awards for offerings created through partnership with Vivolac’s cultures.

Most recently, a cottage cheese product was awarded a first place prize at the National Dairy Producers conference in California, created using our Process 800 Cottage Cheese Dressing Culture. Our customers also received multiple awards during this years U.S Championship Cheese contest 2023, solidifying our position in the industry with our best in class cultures, media, and flavor cultures.

We continually design new custom products to expand our offerings, with proven results backed by numerous awards such as this one over the years, for both traditional fermented products and contemporary offerings created to match precise needs. These products combine a range of complementary ingredients for blends with a true depth of flavor.

Since the beginning, we’ve taken a partnership-oriented approach to facilitate results that integrate trusted, reliable cultures and processes with individualized customer priorities. The result? Our cultures bring each customer’s product visions to life, with flavor, texture, and shelf-life that stand apart from others on the market.

If you seek award-winning, reliable, starter, media and bioprotective cultures, and a team that will partner with you to create products that exceed the standard, think of Vivolac—an industry leader for more than fifty years, and counting.