Our Process

Innovation Takes Us Further, Together.

Why settle for average? We’ve always been driven to take new approaches to culture design, so you can have all the choices you want with an opportunity for customization when standard solutions don’t fit the bill.

Our culture lines are the result of years of meticulous research combined with real world feedback from our Technical Service and Sales team.

We’ll partner with you to identify the specific cultures and processes most compatible with your needs and goals.

 We create solutions through innovation, following a carefully guided process of product implementation emphasizing production consistency, adaptable options, and transparent communication from beginning to end.

Our innovative design doesn’t just apply to our production processes, it also impacts the way we choose to collaborate.

By listening closely to your ideal product features and manufacturing parameters, we’ll help you select your cultures and work with you every step of the way to achieve results that match the quality and precision you seek. But our job doesn’t stop there. We also spend time training your team about how to best utilize our products, working together to establish the best plant procedures for optimal manufacturing operations — and results that keep your consumers coming back.

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