Sentri (Bio-protection)

In today’s marketplace, consumer preferences are evolving at an unprecedented pace. Consumers are constantly inundated with new trends in health and wellness, no longer looking to food manufacturers as simple suppliers of products for their homes. They seek to purchase healthy foods with transparent, simple labeling, manufactured by companies with sustainable practices. To keep pace with these changes, suppliers must strive to create products that meet these demands. Our Sentri cultures can help to achieve these goals by extending the shelf life of products, reducing food waste, and eliminating artificial ingredients.

At Vivolac Cultures, we understand the challenges all companies face in meeting these demands and know that the most effective efforts extend beyond the sale of a culture. In addition to our Sentri line of cultures, we offer we a three-pronged approach to helping you achieve your goals:

  • Service – We pride ourselves on having the best Technical Service team in the industry. Our team members can help your operations run smoothly and efficiently by providing training to your employees on proper manufacturing techniques and application of our products.
  • Support – Our scientists work directly with our Technical Service team to help trouble-shoot shelf-life issues and identify any problematic spoilage organisms, so you can focus on areas that need the most attention.
  • Sanitation – With all the disruptions present in the world, staying on top of plant maintenance and sanitation is a challenge for any company. Our Technical Service team is here to help and will work with your team to find potential areas for improvement.

Products available in DVI:
P-200, P-220, P-240, P-800, LC-3

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Our exceptional cultures help manufacturers create authentic, high-quality products with maximum speed and efficiency. Across the industry, we’re known and valued as partners who listen first, guiding our clients through active problem-solving to identify the best established or custom culture solutions.

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