When manufacturing a specialty cheese, correct flavor development is essential for staying competitive in today’s marketplace. Our Infuze line of adjunct cultures allow cheesemakers the tools to reliably and reproducibly create unique flavors in their products. Each product in our Infuze line is a complex blend of cultures specifically engineered to produce a particular flavor profile. These cultures are designed to work alone or in tandem with our Versa or Italiana products and when combined with the knowledge of our industry leading Technical Service team, the results are world-class award-winning cheeses

  • Infuze Buttery DVI
  • Infuze Sweet DVI
  • Infuze Gouda DVI
  • Infuze Alpine DVI
  • Infuze Parm DVI

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Our exceptional cultures help manufacturers create authentic, high-quality products with maximum speed and efficiency. Across the industry, we’re known and valued as partners who listen first, guiding our clients through active problem-solving to identify the best established or custom culture solutions.

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