Yoga (Yogurt)

Yogurt has been called the most versatile cultured dairy product of our time, and our Yoga line has the flexibility to keep up with the ever-changing product styles of an incredibly competitive market. Designed to meet the high demand for yogurt with live and active cultures, our Yoga Series is a premium line of frozen concentrated cultures. We offer a wide variety of speed, fermentation, body, texture, and flavor attributes that to fit your needs.

  • Yoga 400 Series – Yogurt cultures tailored for drinkable, stirred, and set cup yogurt
  • Yoga FY-7 – Yogurt cultures formulated for frozen yogurt applications
  • Yoga ABY 400 Series – Probiotic enhanced yogurt cultures with acidophilus and B. lactis
  • Yoga PB 400 Series – Probiotic enhanced yogurt cultures with acidophilus, B. lactis, L. casei, and L. rhamnosus

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Our exceptional cultures help manufacturers create authentic, high-quality products with maximum speed and efficiency. Across the industry, we’re known and valued as partners who listen first, guiding our clients through active problem-solving to identify the best established or custom culture solutions.

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