Our Italiana line includes a diverse collection of single- and multi-strain cultures optimized for both direct-set and bulk starter production of Italian style cheeses. The manufacture of the thermophilic cheeses is an Old-World tradition that has been skillfully applied as an art and refined as a science, and we’re proud to partner with you in continuing this practice.

Hard Italian Style Cheeses

  • CRC Series – DVI for dry salted/brined products
  • SSR Series – Bulk starter applications/flavor adjunct cultures

Pasta Filata Style Cheeses

  • STEP 6500 Series DVI – High throughput yield enhancing mozzarella cultures;
  • STEP 6000 Series DVI – Provolone, Low-moisture mozzarella

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Our exceptional cultures help manufacturers create authentic, high-quality products with maximum speed and efficiency. Across the industry, we’re known and valued as partners who listen first, guiding our clients through active problem-solving to identify the best established or custom culture solutions.

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