Cremosa (Buttermilk & Sour Cream)

Buttermilk and sour cream have many functions from baking to product flavoring to being used as a condiment in a consumer’s home. We understand that each application has its own unique challenges and characteristics that must be maintained. Our Cremosa culture line offers a broad array of acidification speeds, textures, and flavor intensities well suited to address each of these needs.

  • Cremosa FSC Series – Fast cultures combinations for retail or industrial applications
  • Cremosa SSK Series – Cultures for traditional fermentation
  • Cremosa SSK VXF Series – High viscosity cultures for traditional buttermilk and sour cream applications
  • Cremosa SSK XF Series – Cultures with added diacetyl flavor for traditional fermentation
  • Cremosa FAS Series – Cultures formulated without citrate fermenting strains
  • Cremosa MPA Series – Sour cream cultures with minimum post acidification

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Our exceptional cultures help manufacturers create authentic, high-quality products with maximum speed and efficiency. Across the industry, we’re known and valued as partners who listen first, guiding our clients through active problem-solving to identify the best established or custom culture solutions.

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