Congratulations to Master-Cheesemaker Ben Shibler, a Valued Member of Vivolac’s Technical Staff!

We at Vivolac Cultures Corp are happy to announce one of our Vivolac family members, Ben Shibler, has been nationally recognized at this year’s 2023 cheese-con convention. Ben received his “Master-Cheesemaker” title in front of friends, family, and colleagues from across the U.S.

Ben started this journey more than 10 years ago with a passion for that craft that Ben carries into the dairy industry. The Master-Cheesemaker certification is a long, arduous road of commitment to quality and excellence. It takes longer than 10 years to complete the class work and grading, as well as a 40-hour exam in order to finish the certification.

Less than 100 active members have ever received this prestigious certification, and we are glad to have Ben among them, as well as part of the Vivolac team. We congratulate Ben on a job well done!