Vivolac Introduces New Line of Cottage Cheese Cultures

Greenfield, IN—Vivolac Culture Corporation has introduced its new line of cottage cheese cultures for higher yields and efficiencies.

Vivolac’s cottage cheese cultures have been used for making cottage cheese and other cheeses for years, and the new improved COTTA series of cultures are the company’s newest innovative addition, designed to maximize profits through higher yields and faster activities.

“We listened to what our customers were saying” says Aaron Miller, Vivolac’s Director of Sales and Technical Services. “They came to us and asked for faster make times without sacrificing quality.” “So, we developed a phage robust program that really delivered.”

Miller said the company had been developing the program from the ground up approach.

“One of the major issues with cottage cheese is its susceptibility to phage and the cultures slowing down,” Miller said. “Our current cottage cheese customers requested our expertise in developing a price competitive product made in the US that would solve their issues with random culture blends slowing down. We do this with a unique approach. We actually added more robust strains, as well as more diversity to help combat this issue. We added complexity and were able to provide cost savings as well, something that doesn’t typically always happen in this industry.”

The focus of the initial project was to create a fast acidification, high-yielding product that adds value to our customers, both through our ability to supply the cottage cheese market with US-made products, but also with more cheese per pound and higher yields to their vats, Miller said.

Vivolac currently offers 8 of the high yield, fast acidification blends. These blends have multiple strains to add phage robustness.

“Initial trials went extremely well, and product already in the market exceeds expectations.” Miller said.

Vivolac Culture Corporation is a leader in starter cultures, media, and bioprotective cultures. The company recently completed an 8,000 square foot expansion to its freezer capacity, warehousing, and its shipping operations to serve the industry more efficiently as well as recently completed an automation upgrade to streamline current processes.

“Innovation is what our customers have come to expect from us. As a privately held business with 50+ years of culture experience, we always react quickly to market demands, that’s one of our strengths. We are really excited for what challenges lie ahead and our innovation to meet those challenges is just beginning.” Miller said.

For more information, contact Miller at [email protected] or 920-255-0808.