Vivolac Introduces New “INFUZE” Line of Flavor Cultures

Greenfield, IN—Vivolac Culture Corporation has introduced their new line of flavor cultures called “INFUZE,” ready to hit the market just in time for the upcoming Cheese-Con event.

Vivolac’s award winning cultures have already been used for years to produce a wide array of cheeses, but the company sees more and more adjuncts being used to enhance flavor.

“Time and time again our customers are asking us to give them something that makes their products unique,” says Aaron Miller, who heads up Vivolac’s sales team. “We also see artisan producers who are trying to set themselves apart from larger companies to gain market shares, and large companies who are trying to break into the Artisan markets with flavors that really grab the end consumers.”

Miller said the company has been taking its time, perfecting the program before it goes to market. “This isn’t just a single culture that provides a single flavor, these multiple strain, complex blends are giving a depth of flavors you can’t get from just regular adjuncts. “What makes these so innovative is the balance of flavors and how one strain of culture compliments the others in the blend.” We feel the complexity of these cultures really adds a nice depth of flavor, something unique” says Miller.

The line will consist of products for everyone. Some of the early blends released will be: Alpine, Sweet, Gouda, and Parm.

“We feel the name of each culture says it all” says Miller. “When you buy a product from Vivolac we want you to be confident in the flavor profile you are going to receive.” We feel the naming sums up the flavor profiles very well.”

Vivolac Culture Corporation is a leader in starter culture, media and bioprotective cultures. The company recently is also working on an automation upgrade to better serve its customers.

“As a privately held business with 50+ years of culture innovation, I’m really excited to see the work and progress Vivolac has made over the past few years. We have some exciting things in the works, that are new and innovative.” Miller says.

Vivolac Cultures Corporation is located in Greenfield Indiana, with its Research facility is located in Logan, Utah. All of its sourced materials and manufacturing is based in the US.

For more information, contact Miller at [email protected] or 920-255-0808.