A Customized Approach to Providing Select Cultures and Processes

At Vivolac Cultures Corporation, we take a customized approach to help you select your cultures. We listen closely to what your company wants in a product and process, focusing on finding the best cultures and processes to fit your specific production, formulation, marketing, and economic criteria. After careful review by our experienced staff, we offer a solution from one of our proven and established culture lines or design a custom culture product that will meet your needs. A carefully guided process of product implementation follows as you start production with your new culture program with an emphasis on good communication and monitoring of its progress. As you gain consistency with our product, we will be able to offer you additional options and help you with new product development.

As an added feature, we offer an educational experience for your company, by training your technicians how to troubleshoot problems and understand the art and science of cultures and cultured products. We encourage and teach your group to evaluate your cultured products and assess your plant procedures to optimize manufacturing capabilities.

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